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Wedding Celebration? Here are a few tips to make it all run smooth!

So you have your date, you found a venue, and everything is in place…or is it? Organizing your wedding reception could be quite a daunting task, because there are just so many things to do in order to make sure you and your guests can enjoy a truly memorable day, and memorable for all the right reasons! Reunion Stay is specialized in helping our customers turn their special events into a lifetime full of memories-and we have seen quite a few amazing wedding receptions in our time!

Here are a few things you should consider when organizing your events.

When you choose Reunion Stay, you will be able to use the entire venue and all of its amenities. You handle all the other things you need for your wedding separately (such as florals, tables, rentals, catering…) However, we would be happy to suggest you some great providers / vendors!

Food Catering: Once you have settled for the perfect menu, everything may seem fine, but you might have forgotten about some of your guest’s special needs. Do you have any friends or relatives with special dietary requirements or allergies? The last thing you want is to make someone feel excluded because of their diet (for example, for lack of a good vegetarian option) or even worse, you wouldn’t want anyone to get an allergic reaction on your special day!

Entertainment: Some people hire a band or a DJ at the very last minute. As a result, they might not be really satisfied and the entertainer they hired might not deliver exactly what they promised. If possible, take some time out to check out the quality of the service provided before booking…this way you can ensure professionalism and quality, through and through!

Clear Direction and Schedule: Great wedding celebrations are of course, full day affairs…sometimes longer! Make sure you let your guest know about your plans. For ex-ample, when are you planning to serve food? Is there any special event planned or a surprise? You wouldn’t want your guest scattered all over the place and miss out! Make that Itinerary!

Consider our Luxury Estate Rental near Nashville, Reunion Stay for your Wedding. Turn Special Events into Cherished Memories

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