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Top 5 Fun Ideas For Team Building

Corporate retreats are built for team building, personal development, professional development, or simply to relax and have fun...we like the fun part!

Here's a quick list of fun and different idea for your next corporate retreat that is sure to keep your employees/guests engaged and excited!

1. Extreme Escape Games- If you want to arrange a team activity that includes the use of leadership skills and teamwork, look no further than escape games! Teams have to find objects and solve puzzles to make their way out of a room within a certain amount time. It may seem easy but only a few people actually complete it within the designated time limit. If you're in Franklin, TN, check out the Extreme Escape Games! They have a plethora of escape rooms, perfect for your team to learn to work under pressure! Click here to learn more and schedule your escape!

Paddle Dog Adventures | Franklin TN

2. Don't Tip The Canoe- Don't underestimate the amount of teamwork it takes to successfully canoe with your partner(s) down a river! This is a fun and exciting adventure idea for smaller groups who love nature! It's also an excellent way to test communication skills between your employees! Our local favorite is Paddle Dog Adventures, which provide a 2 hour tour down the Harpeth River here in Franklin, TN!

3. Music In The Air- Okay, okay, maybe your team isn't into nature and prison breaks...and what kind of Nashville Venue would we be if we didn't mention music! If you're looking for a not-so-physical activity, simply finding a venue to do some karaoke and listening to great music might fit best! We are fans of our local Whiskey Room Live venue...if you're including the family in your retreat, check out these types of places! They even have kids karaoke on specific days! Get more info here!

4. Dinner...And A Mystery- Who doesn't love a little murder with dessert? This activity is unique and all about the experience! Your employees are sure to laugh and have a good time while trying to figure out which one of their teammates is the criminal of the night! If you're in Nashville, be sure to check out The Murder Mystery Co. , experts in Mystery Entertainment! Book your mystery dinner here!

Goo Goo Shop | Nashville, TN

5. A Sweet Surprise- If any of your employees are like us, they're going to love you for this idea. Cooking classes! There are few things better than eating a delicious meal...except maybe a delicious dessert. Here in Nashville, you can schedule a class with the world famous Goo Goo Shop to make a variety of different sweet treats to take home! Cooking takes patience, timing, and is a great team building exercise!

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