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5 Tips For Nashville Bachelorette Parties

If you travel down to Lower Broadway on the weekend, you're most likely going to run into large groups of women sporting matching shirts with a clever saying like "Last Fling Before The Ring" or "It's Her Last Rodeo."

It's no surprise why they choose Nashville for their "last" big adventure before walking down the aisle, Nashville is pretty amazing!

To help out our veil-wearing friends, we've put a list together of places to see, things to do, and helpful safety tips for all the bachelorette's headed our way!

1. Get A Pair Of Boots... And Get Two Free! Let's be honest, you're not ready to party in Nashville until you have a pair of boots to do some proper line-dancing! We suggest heading to Boot Country on Broadway to grab yourself a pair! The best part? When you buy one pair, you can get 2 of your bachelorette friends a pair for FREE! Have more than 2 friends? No problem, they have deals for 4...5...6 pairs! Check out their website and Facebook Page for more details on how it works!

2. Hit Up The Murals! The city is full of colorful murals that are perfect for a group photo! We'd suggest stopping by as many as possible. There are several located in The Gulch area of Downtown Nashville, but we think the most appropriate for a Bachelorette Party would be the "Love Ya'll" mural located at 2020 Lindell Ave in Nashville. What's better than a Love mural for a weekend all about love! You can click here to view the Nashville Guru's list of murals in the city!

3. Experience The Honkey Tonks! Yes, Nashville has all of the Honkey Tonks! We are the Country Music Capital of the world you know...and it's probably the #1 reason for folks to travel to Downtown Nashville and Broadway. We suggest starting at the most famous bar of all, Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge. You can't miss it, it's bright purple! Tons of celebrities have stepped inside Tootsie's to sing or just have a drink! Don't be surprised if one pops in out of nowhere to perform! From there, it's an easy stroll to any of the other Honkey Tonks on Broadway and 2nd Avenue.

4. Book An Awesome Resort! Yes, you can have the entire resort to yourselves. Reunion Stay is a private home, nestled on 7 private acres in Franklin, TN, a quick 25 minute drive to downtown Nashville. This luxury estate is perfect for large Bachelorette parties. With 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, heated pool, hot tub, and two may choose to simply stay at Reunion Stay for your whole trip. Check out for more information about Franklin, TN and why it's a destination of it's own!

5. Use Safe Transportation! If you'll be needing to travel, we suggest using a Lyft for your means of transportation. Lyft is known to give a discount to large parties that need a ride around Nashville. They are also very supportive of women riding in groups for safety and giving free rides to women-owned establishments. If you're looking for a discount code for your large party or group, send them a message!

It's impossible not to have a good time while you're in Nashville. We hope this little list gets you inspired to book your trip to Music City soon! We'll see you on the dance floor!

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