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Family Vacation "Rent Your Own Resort"

Renting a “private resort” sounds like an absolutely amazing way to escape your daily routine and enjoy an experience of sheer and utter comfort! Impossible? Nope!

Reunion Stay offers you all of the amenities and luxuries of a resort.

At Reunion Stay, we want to make sure that when you come here, you will feel like ab-solute royalty. We offer breathtaking settings and lush amenities. Our stunning estate, located about 20 miles from Nashville, Tennessee features ample lodging possibilities, with 11 stunning rooms.

There are also many amazing amenities in the house, you can easily organize all kinds of events and enjoy relax on your own terms. Whether you want to relax and spend some time in our luxurious indoors environment, or stay outside. You just can-not go wrong! Our outdoor area is full of phenomenal features, including a large swimming pool equipped with waterslides…fun for the whole family! If you enjoy running around in the beautiful country green, there are plenty of things to do in, out or around the house. Pool table, soccer nets, table tennis and more!! You can always just simply lay on the grass, read a book or enjoy a cold drink in the good weather. The possibilities are truly endless, and with Reunion Stay! You are able to enjoy luxurious relaxation, premium features within a special setting that you will gladly remember for the rest of your lifetime!

This location is also unique and remote, and yet it is super convenient for shopping, activities and to reach the interstate to get to Nashville.

Looking to spend your holiday in our “Private Resort”? Find out more, browse through our great galleries and fall in love with our property right away!

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