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Top 4 Tips To A Fun Family Reunion

Family Reunions are a time to reconnect with loved ones near and far. This time should be memorable, fun, and stress-free, according to Monica Van Landingham, Operations Manager at Reunion Stay, a private resort near Nashville, TN.

"We host hundreds of family reunions per year, and there are definitely some key things I've learned that create a successful family reunion," she said.

Here's a few tips and tricks from the operations manager of the Nashville venue to guide you to a family reunion you'll talk about forever!

Schedule In Advance. Obviously you want a great space to hold the reunion and venues love it when you book in advance, but booking in advance also lessons stress on travel plans for the family. If families can decide and book on a space way in advance, more families are able to save up for travel purposes, which means more family members get to come to reunion! Van Landingham suggest booking a year in advance in order to grab a date and rate that works for your family is ideal.

Pick A Great Location. Many families opt to go camping or to get away from the normal city life for reunions, almost retreat style. This can be a great idea! This can also lead to logistical issues, such as food, last minute items left behind that someone might need (e.i. toothbrush and toothpaste). Hosting a family reunion that secluded but close to civilization is usually the best resolution. This way you can enjoy the private sense of a retreat, enjoy nothing but each other, but also go into the town or city for a fun experience...or toilet paper.

Collect Money In Advance. So you've found the perfect location that's private but close to town...and you've booked it in plenty of time for your entire family to make it! Awesome! Now comes the hard part...getting everyone to pay for the venue. "Generally one guest pays for the entire thing at booking, then goes to each family to collect their portion of the bill," says Van Landingham. "My advice is to get all of that done in the week after booking, or at least the month, but definitely not once you get to the venue."

We agree. Go and get the money settled long before the actual reunion to encourage fun and not tasks!

Plan Themed Days. Before you roll your eyes, let us say we were also skeptical, but it's true! When days during the reunion are themed or planned out, it reduces the "Now What?" question after the first exciting moments when everyone arrives. If the entire family has the game plan, the reunion runs much smoother. These don't have to be major themes and can be as simple as stating that today we are swimming in the morning! Bring some music and a few grass skirts for the table and pretend it's a luau!

Of course, it's a bonus if you're reunion space has a giant water slide or hot tub!

Remember, family reunions are all about connecting. By following these 4 tips, we hope that you can enjoy the time with your family in 2020.

Reunion Stay is a private home rental for Family Reunions and Corporate Events.

Nestled on 7 private acres on the outskirt of Nashville, TN, it's the premier destination for families and companies looking for comfort and retreats. Learn more about Reunion Stay's 13 bedrooms, heated pool, hot tub, giant water slide, virtual reality set up, and so much more. Click Here to learn more or book Reunion Stay for your next event.

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