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Franklin's NEW Social Mural

If you have ever been to Nashville, Tennessee, then you know that murals are popping up just about everywhere!

These beautiful art pieces have been inspired by the city, by the people, and even celebrities like Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift Nashville Mural

Not only do all of these murals add beauty to the city, but they are also an incredible marketing strategy for business.

People from all over will come to take a photo with the murals, encouraging patrons to also stop into the business where the mural is painted.

Franklin Tennessee Mural

Owners of Riverside Franklin, an antique and home decor store in Downtown Franklin, TN saw an opportunity for growth and community with a Franklin-based mural. Something that was lacking in the touristy suburb of Nashville.

Franklin, with it's unique charm and bustling downtown area, was the perfect spot for a photo-op and mural created by artist known as forBecks.

According to the owner, the mural design was specifically created to fit into Instagram and Facebook posts! It is the perfect mural for social media sharing!

You can see on their Facebook Page that the mural is already working! Tons of people have already stopped by the shop to snap a photo!

Go grab your photo at the mural and tag Riverside Franklin to let them know you've been there!

If you're interested in getting pictures with all the murals Nashville, Tennessee, has to offer, there are actually tours to do just that! Check out Nashville Mural Tours and book your trip today!

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