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The One Day Nashville Retreat

One Day Corporate Retreat | Reunion Stay | Nashville, TN

Whether your company is doing a few hours, a day, or a whole week, a break from the mundane day to to day office grind is always a brilliant idea.

Perhaps you're thinking, "There's no way we could afford that as a company." Don't worry, there's a plethora of ideas for corporate retreats that don't break the company budget.

Booking everyone into an Airbnb style location, even local to your business, is a way to gather and hit the restart button.

Planning fun on-site activities, a variety of unexpected foods and cocktails, and entertainment are all ways to stay on budget and keep your retreat exciting and worthy to the employees.

The key to a successful retreat is location.

For example, look at Reunion Stay and all of it's amenities.

With over 13 bedrooms, a separate studio, a giant media/conference room area, tons of games (including a virtual reality machine), a giant water slide that drops into a heated pool, hot tub, and 7 private's basically corporate retreat heaven.

Retreats are all about fostering a better relationships between employees by creating a relaxing environment, free of the pressures of everyday work.

This is also the perfect time to LISTEN! Have a set time to go over employee concerns or ideas. When employees feel they are being listened to by their management, they are much more productive.

Corporate retreats don't have to cost a fortune, but they can return a fortune to your business.

To Book Reunion Stay for your corporate retreat or for more information, please click here.

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