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Plan A Unique & Productive Corporate Retreat

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More and more companies are hopping onto the corporate-retreat-bus. For these companies, they've realized it's an investment into their teams that will have a return on work. In other words, giving your team time, attention, and a much need break from the office will boost morale and ultimately boost productivity for the company.

There's a host of other reasons companies may consider planning a corporate retreat, such as growth. Perhaps the team has grown year over year and some employees don't know each other at all!

It's also possible to have many different personalities within one work environment. This can often hinder productivity and corporate retreats act as a "reset-button" for functionality in the workplace.

Whatever the reason a company chooses to host a corporate retreat, there's thoughtful and effective ways to plan the best retreat possible.

Of course, planning a corporate retreat is easier said than done, but the biggest piece of the puzzle starts with location.

Corporate Retreats | Reunion Stay|  Photo Credit: Two Thompsons Catering & Prohibition Popcorn!

Try to find a corporate retreat venue that is close to an airport if you plan to have your team travel! After a flight, the team is mostly likely excited to start their retreat and not expecting (or wanting) to drive over an hour to the the venue. Plus it's valuable retreat time lost!

You'll also want to check out the town/city where your venue is located. Is it close to unique attractions that your team would enjoy? Does it feel secluded where your team can also relax and truly retreat! This dual-ability venue can sometimes be a difficult gem to find! Do your research and ask the proper questions before deciding on where to host.

Fun Corporate Retreat Ideas | Reunion Stay | Photo Credit: @jblo1980

What kind of retreat isn't filled with fun activities? Whether it's on the property where your retreat is being held or if it's unique experiences nearby, be sure the team has scheduled fun where all can participate!

In the end, the team should come back to the office refreshed, energized, and listened to. Start planning your 2020 corporate retreat now to reap all of the business benefits!

Reunion Stay For Corporate Retreats | Located in Franklin, Tennessee

Come and experience Reunion Stay for your next corporate retreat or event.

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