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How Pumpkins Build Stronger Teams

Tis' the season...for all things pumpkin! Here at Reunion Stay, we stay busy with weddings (tis' wedding season also) and are gearing up for week-long family get togethers over Thanksgiving and Christmas!

As a corporate retreat and special event venue, we see so many different companies come to Reunion Stay for relaxation, fun, and team building over the holidays.

One of the most asked questions we receive is about the area and what teams can do for fun or to learn more about their skillset.

This time of year, we highly recommend heading out to the Pumpkin Farms! We have a list below of all of the Nashville Pumpkin Farms that are just a quick drive from Reunion Stay...but first we wanted to talk about some of the things you can do as a company and how pumpkins might just be the perfect segway into how your team can work together better.

First, if you've never been to a pumpkin farm, you're in for a treat! There's about a million activities to do and although most are geared towards children, there are definitely ways to incorporate team building.

Many of the farms, like Gentry Farms in Franklin, TN, have giant corn mazes. These type of mazes are the perfect opportunity to split off into teams and learn how to work together to get it out. Of course, it's always fun to have a little prize for the team who gets out first!

When the pressure is on, strengths and weaknesses are easy to spot. When everyone makes it out, talk about the mistakes they made. Did they agree on their strategy to win? How they could have done better or what worked for the winning team!

Don't want to stay at the farm all day? We get it... company retreats are also about relaxing!

Have each team member grab a pumpkin from the farm and bring it back to Reunion Stay! On 7 private acres, we are basically a farm ourselves...minus the pumpkins and corn mazes!

Reunion Stay Corporate Retreat Venue

Sit around the table and ask the entire team to paint a word that describes their work environment on their pumpkin or have a Jack-O-Lantern carving contest and put together teams to see who works well together.

If you're not into pumpkin patches but still want a pumpkin- themed retreat, we recommend having your team read The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz.

The Pumpkin Plan is a quirky style approach to business by comparing your company to how pumpkin farmers continually grow giant pumpkins year after year. We won't spoil the book, but there's tons of talking points for you and your team to go through.

All pumpkined-out? End your holiday themed company retreat at Reunion Stay with our karaoke machine...we'll have "Thriller" and "The Monster Mash" ready for you!

Too late to get your team together for pumpkin season this year? Book 2020 now so you don't miss out!

Here's a list of Pumpkin Farms located in Williamson County, near

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