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How To Create A Wedding Timeline

Creating a wedding timeline is an essential part of wedding planning, as it helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day. Whether you’re having a small wedding or a large event, creating a timeline can help to keep all your wedding activities organized and on track. A wedding timeline should include details such as the ceremony start time, wedding party arrivals, wedding dinner or reception start time, cake cutting and first dance. Here are some tips to help you create a wedding timeline:

1. Make sure to account for wedding day prep time. As the wedding day approaches, it's important to keep track of all the details that go into getting ready for the ceremony. Keep track of time for things like wedding party prep, hair and makeup, getting into wedding attire, and taking photos. At Reunion Stay, we have plenty of room for the wedding party to glam up and get dressed!

2. Plan out the wedding ceremony timeline. Decide when each part of the wedding ceremony will take place. Whether you’re having a religious or secular ceremony, figure out how much time you need for each part and make sure to leave enough time for wedding party photos. The grounds at Reunion Stay offer a picture-perfect backdrop for those swoon-worthy wedding photos you're looking for.

3. Allow travel time between ceremony and reception. If your wedding ceremony and reception are at different locations, be sure to account for the time needed to get from one place to the other. Give yourself plenty of extra time just in case there's bad traffic or unforeseen delays along the way. Reunion Stay is located in Franklin, TN, just 20 miles south of Nashville making it the perfect destination spot for your wedding. It provides easy access from the airport off major highways making it a breeze to find.

4. Set the wedding dinner and reception times. Plan out the wedding dinner and reception timeline, including when it will begin and end. Be sure to leave time for wedding party entrances, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, and other wedding-related activities throughout the evening. whether you're hosting a large wedding or a more intimate affair, Reunion Stay offers plenty of space for whatever size reception you're planning.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a wedding timeline that will ensure everything runs smoothly and your wedding day is as perfect as you imagined it. And be sure to check out Reunion Stay where we make wedding planning easy and stress-free!


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